Electronic Data Is Out Of Control, And This Yeti Doesn’t Like It—Not One Byte

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As we’ve continued to grow in 2014, we’ve expanded our team and services—all to better serve our clients with the singular focus to help them take control of their electronically stored information.

And with that growth, we’re excited to announce a brand-spanking-new website that’s on it’s way, featuring new videos and expertly-crafted content about e-discovery, archiving and defensible deletion, among other things.

The Yeti watching over our new HQ in Chicago

The Yeti watching over our new HQ in Chicago

Oh, and did we mention an unofficial mascot? One with a mysteriously elusive past and prickly disposition toward anything out of control? He may be fierce. But he’ll be your friend when it comes to taking control of your ESI.

Getting Off The “Reliance Train” For More Cost-Effective eDiscovery

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While recently attending the Georgetown Advanced eDiscovery Institute conference, I came across a number of wonderful discussions about how the recent changes to the FRCP—ones meant to encourage cooperation between the parties and reduce the cost and time of discovery—may not be effective, given the incentives continue to be stacked against them.

So long as plaintiff’s attorneys are paid to win, and defense attorneys are paid by the hour, it’s more likely that, rather than cooperation, the new rules will just result in more motion practice over whether the other party is sufficiently cooperating.

I could write a whole blog on that point, but I’ll leave that for others. I simply raise this example because as long as attorneys and service providers continue to have the same incentives, the advice they give their client may not necessarily be the best with regards to reducing cost, mitigating risk and improving quality. Read More

Work-from-home Website Interviews Controle CEO Kevin Barnicle About Telecommuting

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Skipthedrive.com recently interviewed Controle CEO Kevin Barnicle as part of an article “How Do Employers Feel About Telecommuting?”

kevin barnicle portrait website - 600Here’s what Kevin shared in response to the question, Do you plan on continuing to allow employees to telecommute?

Absolutely. In business, what everyone should be focused on is results. And if someone will achieve better results from working from home, why wouldn’t you let them do that? Plus, from a merely operational perspective, there are many financial benefits for the business on not having to provide additional office space, etc. to accommodate employees. Finally, we have found that us trusting our employees to work from home instills a lot of loyalty in them to our company. We wouldn’t change that for anything.

“If someone will achieve better results from working from home, why wouldn’t you let them do that?”

About Skipthedrive.com

Since our founding, we have stayed true to our mission of service and have created a user-friendly experience for employers and job seekers alike. By dedicating our site exclusively towards jobs containing remote work, we’re able to tailor our features towards helping those find flexible jobs. We pride ourselves on the fact that many of the jobs you’ll find listed on SkipTheDrive allow you to work from home with Fortune 500 companies.

Photo credit: Hannaford via Flickr

eDiscovery Technology Without a Business Process Is Like a Boat Without Water

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A couple of years back at a conference, an attorney friend of mine mentioned that her Fortune 500 corporation was about to implement a new eDiscovery solution. My first question: “Have you worked out who is going to care and feed for that?” They hadn’t.

The next year I saw her at the same conference and asked her how she was liking her eDiscovery tool: Not so much. Even the best eDiscovery tool is still just a tool. Without a proper methodology, and an entire business process that covers the full range of the EDRM spectrum, a tool simply cannot solve your whole problem. Read More

For More Effective eDiscovery Search Term Construction, The Technology Matters

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One of the most common requests I get from clients is “how can I refine my search terms?” It is a real issue for companies as they take on more of the eDiscovery roles traditionally performed by outside counsel.

Outside counsel is not incentivized to get creative with search term construction to minimize results and avoid false positives. They simply run the search of the terms they are given or create and then begin a linear review, charging the client (i.e. you) on an hourly basis. Read More