Controle’s EVP Stephen O’Leary Interviewed By EMC About ‘The Defensible Deletion Balancing Act’

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stephen oleary portrait website - 600Over at the EMC Spark blog, Tom Broering interviewed Controle EVP and COO Stephen O’Leary to gain his insight about “The Defensible Deletion Balancing Act: eDiscovery vs. Big Data.”

“Stephen O’Leary, the Executive Vice President and COO of Chicago-based Controle has become something of a ringmaster, explaining the benefits of his particular brand of Defensible Deletion: smart and responsible solutions that purge an organization’s unneeded legacy data to improve efficiency, smooth workflow, mitigate risk, and enhance the bottom line.” Read More

Join Controle and Symantec for Lunch and CLE Credit – 3 August Dates in OH

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About The Lunch

Controle’s own eDiscovery attorney, Elizabeth Fogerty will discuss the challenges corporations face when trying to comply with eDiscovery demands. Elizabeth consults Fortune 1000 companies on discovery, litigation preparedness, retention policies and defensible deletion. She is a CEDs certified eDiscovery specialist and has been practicing law since 2001. Read More

Controle Joins Exterro Partner Program to Deliver Full-Spectrum E-Discovery Software

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Partnership to help in-house legal and IT teams leverage technology and consulting services to drive down e-discovery costs and risks

Chicago, IL, July 14, 2014 – Controle, LLC, an information governance consulting and software company, today announced that it has joined Exterro’s partner program to deliver full-spectrum e-discovery software to its corporate clients. Controle now delivers full services around Exterro Fusion®, the e-discovery software suite trusted by the most discerning Global 2000 organizations. This partnership will help clients transform e-discovery by delivering the necessary control and insight into critical information that drive smarter decisions across all phases. Read More

Out With The Old, In With The New: The Competitive Advantage Of Defensible Deletion

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Getting rid of stale data or data without current business value sounds like a good idea. Ask any IT professional and it will rank among the top 5 corporate priorities. And yet very few companies are doing anything about it.

Why you ask, do they have no idea what lies behind the digital 1s and 0s? Even if they did understand the content, no one from the business, specifically legal and compliance, is giving them the approval to delete it. Read More