Migrating Data To A New Platform? Why And How You Should Clean Up First

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My colleagues and I have noticed that we were receiving a lot of feedback from companies that are migrating or transferring segments of data or all of their electronic data to new NAS and sometimes cloud systems.

During migrations, we’ve observed that migrating data to a new NAS device or moving data to the cloud is not as simple as solely picking the data up and dropping it off. Most companies want to clean up, organizing and optimizing their data as a part of their data relocation efforts. Read More

Controle COO Stephen O’Leary Interviewed For Tech Page One Article

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stephen oleary portrait website - 600 - squareOn the Tech Page One blog, writer Gail Dutton recently published a post titled “When is it safe for a business to dispose of data?” In it, she includes quotes from interviewing Controle EVP and COO Stephen O’Leary. Here are Stephen’s highlighted contributions to the article.

In regard to data deluge creating problems for backup:

“Although disk space is cheap, many IT professionals are challenged by an inability to back up everything overnight,” O’Leary said. Therefore, they may back up mission-critical data nightly, but rotate backup for unstructured content such as proposals and correspondence. Read More

Information Governance Best Practices From In House And Outside Counsel

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I was very privileged to attend an Information Governance retreat in Chatham, Massachusetts recently. The retreat was attended by in-house and outside counsel from a number of large institutions. The panel topics and panelists were exceptional.

The major theme of the track that I attended was “Information Governance Best Practices and The Impact They Have On eDiscovery.” In-house counsel shared with the audience their particular organization’s IG strategies, where they were on the maturity curve and the successes they have had to date. Read More